Our Mission

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Our Mission

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“To help the Bhutanese and other refugee community resettle and rebuild their lives in the mainstream American setting, preserving and upholding their own culture and beliefs.”

  • To advocate and voice the problems and challenges faced by the Bhutanese Community to garner help and support to rebuild their lives in the early phase of resettlement.
  • To make effort to preserve, protect and promote diverse language, religion, culture and tradition of Bhutanese and other communities.
  • To endeavor to build relationship with other communities, organizations and institutions in Dallas and Fort Worth (Texas) to facilitate community’s access to new multicultural society.
  • To instill multicultural values to the community through orientation and creating environment to participate in multicultural events.
  • To work toward women’s empowerment through education and encourage them to actively participate in English as a Second Language classes.
  • To work toward involving youths in various socially useful and productive works and recreational activities. Also work toward involving children in creative and developmental activities after school, on weekends and in summer-breaks.
  • To work to support seniors and the mentally and physically challenged by involving them in productive activities.
  • To extend global support to refugees and victims of natural disasters.
  • To generate employment through networking
  • To support global campaign for social justice through participation in seminar, workshop and networking to create peaceful world for the future generation.

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