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Past Events

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On Behalf of Organization of Bhutanese Society – DFW, we would like to invite all Bhutanese American to our 4th annual event. Please join us in our Annual Appreciation Program followed by fun filled Annual Picnic. We would like to Honor our High School Graduates, Volunteers and Elderly year to date US citizens. We are hoping to see you all to celebrate this wonderful moments. The flyer below has venue and date
Thank you
OBS (DFW) Team


3401 Rafland road Grand Prairie, Texas, 75052 (Pavilion-I)

Date: 07/12/15

Time: 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


Wilcare Dallas Inc.

Media Partner

More Details will be available soon…

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Message From President

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“Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow.”- Albert Einstein

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Hope Happy New Year 2016 brings a year of changes and opportunities for all Bhutanese community people living in Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis. We are very proud to announce that the Organization of Bhutanese Society (DFW) has completed one and half years formally serving the community and now have at least prepared five employees with certain training levels as funded by federal government. We would like to continue the ongoing services to our community people with education support services, to grow, and to lead Bhutanese society of Dallas and Fort Worth in many new and creative ways in future.

We are confident that attending English for Communication classes and Civic classes at the community centers will open more chapters of opportunities to make our community people’s career and destiny. We believe our program in the community will help encourage learning from each other. We would love to bring various events, social and cultural orientation, and many more through different facilitators in our centers for our community people in days to come. So we would rather urge all community people to be proactive and seize this small opportunity as it avails through OBS (DFW) and get benefited.

I on behalf of OBS (DFW) express my sincere thanks to all Bhutanese community volunteers, youths/students, Executive Members, Advisors, Board of Directors and Active Staff. Had you all been not there OBS (DFW) wouldn’t have become successful. Despite of many challenges you all made it through this invaluable services among the Bhutanese community people physically, intellectually and financially when ever needed.

At last and not the least OBS (DFW) is always thankful to all mentors, well-wishers, friends and families who have directly or indirectly contributed for the upbringing of the Bhutanese community in the new home country(DFW-USA). We expect you’re all continuous help and support in future too

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Organization of Bhutanese Society (OBS-DFW) is a developing community based on non-profit social entity. It is supported by the complete team of Bhutanese educated lots, youths and other well-wishers with a vision to help the community in Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis to begin their social life in the new home country. Currently we have offices in two locations: Dallas and Fort Worth and following programs are being offered from these centers

Our Current Activities

  • Providing English for Communication Classes for all adult Bhutanese living in DFW metropolis.
  • Providing English Literacy Civics (EL Civics) classes to all Bhutanese community people of DFW for Citizenship preparatory test.
  • Providing need based Case and Crisis Management services for all Bhutanese community members which includes:
    • Providing direct and free transportation and translation services for medical appointments assistance and other local benefits assistance.
    • Providing immediate assistance to the community members for applying government benefits like SSI, TANF, WIC, Housing, Medicaid, CHIP and SNAP benefits applications.
  • Providing job Orientation, Job readiness training, Job search Orientation and job application assistance.
  • Providing Orientation on Government housing and legal issues
  • Encouraging the Bhutanese community to preserve, promote and strengthen the cultural aspect through various community activities.
  • Providing healthy living and wellness orientation to the elderly community members including nutritional and balanced diet education, hygienic living education, importance of physical exercise to prevent/minimize illness like diabetes, High blood pressure and other illnesses.

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Our Program

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“The Organization of Bhutanese Society, DFW (OBS-DFW) is supported by a strong and active team of volunteers who have a clear vision. It is providing services to the Bhutanese families at two different Bhutanese Community Centers; one in Dallas and the other in Fort Worth.”

    • Offering classes on English as a Second Language (ESL) for Bhutanese refugees.
    • Providing civic classes for preparing citizenship tests.
    • Offering the community with Case and Crisis Management especially to the needy clients that include:
      • Helping the clients with medical related activities.
      • Accessing needy clients to government provided services
      • that include Social Security Benefits, Food Stamps, WIC Programs…etc
    • Teaching the young Bhutanese school going children and youths the essence of culture and Nepali literature, accessing them to promote their games and sportsmanship, and to inculcate the youths with extra educational and skill-related activities that promote their scope of future life.
    • Providing healthy living and wellness orientation classes to the elderly clients in the community that include:
      • Nutrition and balanced diet.
      • Hygienic living, and
      • Teaching the benefits of physical exercise to reduce the illnesses like diabetes, high blood pressure, and physical and mental stress.

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