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Organization of Bhutanese Society (OBS-DFW) is a developing community based on non-profit social entity. It is supported by the complete team of Bhutanese educated lots, youths and other well-wishers with a vision to help the community in Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis to begin their social life in the new home country. Currently we have offices in two locations: Dallas and Fort Worth and following programs are being offered from these centers

Our Current Activities

  • Providing English for Communication Classes for all adult Bhutanese living in DFW metropolis.
  • Providing English Literacy Civics (EL Civics) classes to all Bhutanese community people of DFW for Citizenship preparatory test.
  • Providing need based Case and Crisis Management services for all Bhutanese community members which includes:
    • Providing direct and free transportation and translation services for medical appointments assistance and other local benefits assistance.
    • Providing immediate assistance to the community members for applying government benefits like SSI, TANF, WIC, Housing, Medicaid, CHIP and SNAP benefits applications.
  • Providing job Orientation, Job readiness training, Job search Orientation and job application assistance.
  • Providing Orientation on Government housing and legal issues
  • Encouraging the Bhutanese community to preserve, promote and strengthen the cultural aspect through various community activities.
  • Providing healthy living and wellness orientation to the elderly community members including nutritional and balanced diet education, hygienic living education, importance of physical exercise to prevent/minimize illness like diabetes, High blood pressure and other illnesses.

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