About Us


Organization of Bhutanese Society DFW is a non-profit organization founded by Bhutanese volunteers living in Dallas and Fort Worth metropolis, Texas. It received a 501(C) (3) or tax-exempt status in April, 2011 from the Department of Treasury and has been a public charity since then.

Resettled since 2008, the Nepali-speaking Bhutanese are now more than five thousand in number, living in different areas of the DFW region. This population accounts for more than 45 % of the total Bhutanese refugees resettled in the State of Texas.

Organization of Bhutanese Society DFW has been founded so forth to bridge the gap within and among the other resettled community people by educating and developing creativity instinct in its own community people which leads them to meet all their expectations in life in the land of opportunity (America).

We are committed to build a peaceful, educated and creative community by providing education and other services as we have already initiated on the long term basis. However, we are always open to our well-wishers with their invaluable ideas and proceeds for the development of the Bhutanese community.

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